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  Bully Boss

Bully Boss is about unpleasant work experiences with a bullying boss. It is a frank and open personal account.

A bully boss can cause immeasurable pain and play havoc with one's psyche. At times I became bitter, angry and down in the dumps. Yes, I was stressed out, washed out and frustrated by my experience, but the ordeal was not just about me. It had consumed my psyche, and crushed my relationships. I was fortunate that the bonds in my family were too strong for it to dominate, but it sure did take a strong foothold. I was determined to make it through - I had no choice. Bully Boss describes the emotions and experiences of working under a manipulative and callous boss and relays the lessons I learned. It is written in a conversational and, at times, witty style. Bully Boss is ultimately a story of hope and breaking free from difficult situations which we all encounter from time to time.  

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