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  About Helen

I spent my working life developing others. Much of my career has been in the field of learning, coaching and mentoring. I have been involved in almost all business sectors.   The politics, the games people play in our crazy working world, leaves me at times reassured and at times speechless.  

For me, writing began during a chapter of my life when work shifted from 'enjoyable' to 'watch your back' - all thanks to the office bully.   Writing Bully Boss was the only way I could work through this experience; an experience which zapped my energy and hijacked my confidence. Writing Bully Boss gave me the impetus to get through a problem. I had to put the past and the bully behind me and focus on the future, my future. Thanks to writing, I grew stronger. In writing I found faith and in writing I embraced wisdom.

And now, I strive to maintain an optimistic approach to life.   I hold firmly to the following saying, which takes pride of place on a plaque beside my computer :

'The secret of happiness is not doing what one
likes, but in liking what one does
(James M Barrie).

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